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Riverside County Regional Medical Center
26520 Cactus Avenue
Moreno Valley, CA 92555
Hospital and Appointment Lines: 951-486-4000

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Department/Division Chairs and Vice Chairs

Arnold Tabuenca, MD, Medical Director

Medical Staff Officers
Ramiz Fargo, MD, Chief of Medical Staff
Afshin Molkara, MD, Chief of Medical Staff-Elect
Gary Thompson, DO, Secretary-Treasurer
Wade Faerber, DO, Past Chief of Medical Staff

Anesthesiology Department

David Ninan, DO, Chair
Alfred Ma, MD, Vice Chair

Emergency Medicine Department

Timothy Nesper, MD, Chair
Mark Thomas, DO, Vice Chair

Family Medicine Department

Geoffrey Leung, MD, Chair
Adolfo Aguilera, MD, Vice Chair

Medicine Department

Daniel Kim, MD, Chair
Roger Garrison, DO, Vice Chair

Medicine Division Chair
General Internal Medicine, Roger Garrison, DO
Inpatient Medicine Services, Morteza Chitsazan, DO
Cardiology, Rajagopal Krishnan, MD
Gastroenterology, Terrence Lewis, MD
Nephrology, Yogesh Patel, MD
Neurology, Ruby Koshy, MD
Pulmonary & CCM, Ramiz Fargo, MD
Ambulatory, Gary Thompson, DO
Endocrinology, Iqbal Munir, MD
Hospitalist, Lakshmi Puvvula, M.D.

Neurological Sciences Department

Javed Siddiqi, MD, Chair
Silvio F. Hoshek, MD Vice Chair

Obstetric & Gynecology Department

Karen Noblett, M.D. Chair
Jeotsna Grover, MD Vice Chair

Ophthalmology Department

Larry Bowes, MD, Chair
Howard Gimbel, MD, Vice Chair

Orthopaedic Surgery Department

Wade Faerber, DO, Chair
Roy Caputo, MD, Vice Chair

Orthopaedic Division Chair
Thomas Haider, MD

Pathology Department

John Koett, MD, Chair
Ronaldo Gnas, MD, Vice Chair

Pediatric Department

Alexandra Clark, MD, Chair
Elba Simon-Fayard, MD, Vice Chair

Pediatrics Division Chair
, Elba Simon-Fayard, MD

Psychiatry Department

Bipin Patel, MD, Chair
David DiNicola, MD, Vice Chair

Radiology Department

Alfonso Carrillo, MD, Chair
Jeanine McNeill, MD, Vice Chair

Surgery Department

Afshin Molkara, MD, Chair
Daniel Ludi, MD, Vice Chair

Surgery Division Chair
General Surgery
, Afshin Molkara, MD
Vascular Surgery, Afshin Molkara, MD
Head, Neck Surgery & Oto, Paul Kim, MD
Plastic Surgery, Frank Rogers, MD
Urology, Herbert Ruckle, MD